Replacing old rusty bolts with new high-grade Titanium bolts!

At Climbing Sardinia, our commitment goes beyond fostering a vibrant climbing community; it’s about ensuring every climb is safe and sustainable. Recognizing the accelerated wear on equipment by sea salt and heat, we’ve embarked on a crucial mission: upgrading seaside crags with titanium bolts.

Why Titanium?

Titanium bolts are our answer to the harsh environmental conditions that quickly corrode stainless steel. This choice underscores our dedication to safety and longevity, ensuring that climbers can trust every hold and anchor as they ascend.

Recent Projects

Our rebolting endeavours have brought us to some of the most beloved crags in Sardinia. In 2021, we began with Biddiriscottai in Cala Gonone, followed by Casarotto in Capo Caccia in 2023, with the invaluable support of the local climbing community. Our latest project at Puschtra in Cala Fuili marks another milestone in our journey towards safer climbing environments. Each project involved a meticulous process of replacing every bolt and lower-off with high-grade titanium, reaffirming our commitment to climbers’ safety.


New equipment

You can see below two examples of the new titanium bolts installed at Puschtra. All anchors and lower-offs are made of high-grade titanium. The glue we use is pure epoxy resin, provided by Italian manufacturer G&B

titanium rebolting at the beach cala fuili, cala gonone, titanium bolts in sardinia
titanium rebolting at the beach cala fuili, cala gonone, titanium bolts in sardinia

Old equipment

Below are two images showing some of the stainless steel bolts we removed from ther sector Puschtra in Cala Fuili.

The first image shows a decend bolt, one that we had to cut with a grinder.

The second image shows instead two corroded bolts that popped out as soon as we touched them. You can notice that corrosion happens where the bolt enters the rock. In addition to wear by natural corrosion, these bolts were also misplaced. Back in the nineties and in early 2000 it was common to drill just a single hole, without the vertical socket to stop the bolt from rotating. This made it even more dangerous.

titanium rebolting at the beach cala fuili, cala gonone, titanium bolts in sardinia
titanium rebolting at the beach cala fuili, cala gonone, titanium bolts in sardinia

Impact on the Climbing Community

The feedback from the climbing community has been overwhelmingly positive. Climbers now approach these crags with renewed confidence, knowing that the risk of equipment failure due to corrosion has been significantly minimized. These efforts not only enhance safety but also contribute to the preservation of our climbing areas for future generations.

Join Our Effort

The task of rebolting is ongoing, and we invite you to be part of this transformative journey. Whether by participating in our courses, volunteering for rebolting projects, or contributing to our fund, your support is crucial. Together, we can continue to make Sardinia a safer, more sustainable climbing destination.

Climbing Sardinia is more than just an association; it’s a community united by a love for climbing and a commitment to preserving our natural climbing assets. As we move forward, replacing outdated hardware with durable titanium, we pave the way for a safer climbing experience for everyone. Join us in this vital mission, and let’s keep climbing safely into the future.