Our rock climbing courses are ideal for those who have never climbed before or had indoor climbing experience only. Our climbing instructors will help building confidence with outdoor climbing and teach all safety manoeuvres.

Courses last from two to six days, depending on participants’ previous skills. Lessons start from the basic safety manoeuvres such as belaying and, as the course progresses, we will step up to lead-climbing and anchoring techniques


  • fundamental methods of vertical progression 
  • correct use of feet and hands
  • movement planning and foreseeing 
  • proprioception exercises 
  • understanding equipment and climbing shoes
  • knots: eight-figure, bowline, Italian hitch, fisherman knot
  • belaying a partner using tubers and GriGri
  • lead climbing 
  • threading anchoring points French and Swiss styles


Climbing Sardinia provides all equipment excluding climbing shoes only. Participants must wear comfortable clothes and carry water and snacks for the day. 

Provided by Climbing Sardinia

  • harnesses
  • helmets
  • ropes
  • carabiners and quickdraws
  • tubers and GriGri
  • slings and other accessories

You should have

  • climbing shoes
  • hiking shoes
  • comfortable clothes
  • enough water and snacks for the day
  • (summer) sun-cream and hat
  • (winter) down jacket and gloves


Costs vary depending on group size. Our instructors can look after 1 to 4 people max. Furthermore, each climber has different needs and skill, which makes it impossible to mix participants from different backgrounds.

The daily price ranges from €80 to €240, depending on lenght and group size


There are three main factors that lead our choice of crags: they have to be safe, spacious and either sunny in the winter or shady in the summer. 

We carry our courses mainly in the areas of Cala Gonone and Ulassai. These have plenty of easy crags that are accessible all-year-round, including hot summer days.