Rock Towers Restyle!

The Aguglia in Cala Goloritze’ lays in the dreams of all those climbers who love multi-pitches and remote locations raising high between sea and rocks. But what after it? Just lay on the beach and enjoy your memories? Never! Pack your ropes, as there are other rock needles towering above our heads! Oviglia, Caddeo and Erriu have rebolted and amelioated two needles, 60 and 80 meters high respectively, in the boroughs of Tertenia and Baunei.

Jurassic Park (Tertenia) – Dillosauro
First ascent: Enzo Lecis 1995
New line by Maurizio Oviglia and Fabio Erriu in 2013
60m – 6b+ max, 6b obligatory – bolted throughout

Bacu Àrala (Baunei) – Sinfonia del mulino bianco
First ascent: Giorgio Caddeo e Maurizio Oviglia, 3 April 2013
80m – 6a max, 5c obligatory – bolted throughout

dillosauro, Tertenia
Dillosauro, Tertenia

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