Tavolara, trekking + via ferrata

The Trek and Via Ferrata di Tavolara is a beautiful and strenuous journey that will blow your mind



The island of Tavolara is an impressive mountain that rises from the sea near Olbia. It merges unspoiled nature with bold passages and immense panoramas, conjuring a truly unforgettable adventure.

Our destination isPunta Cannone, the tip of the island, at 560 metres above sea level. Its vertical walls are adorned with luxurious Mediterranean vegetation and populated by wild goats, eagles and the tiny Etruscan shrew.

Our meeting is at 6:45 am in Porto San Paolo, where we take the boat service to reach the island. From the beach, our journey starts with a very steep and panoramic path. This is probably the hardest part of the day but the view pays back. Closer to the top the path becomes easier and after approx 2 we will arrive at the base of the high and vertical walls on top of the island. Though, to reach Punta Cannone, the summit of Tavolara, we will have to commit to the exposed passages protected by the Via Ferrata di Tavolara. From here we will finally gain the immense panorama over the beautiful coastline. The view from the top can take your breath away, embracing the island of Tavolara, the shoreline of eastern Gallura and all the little islands scattered all around.

From the top we will have to walk down, reaching the beach at about 2:30 pm.


From the docks by the beach, you will be free to take any of the tourist boats that get back to Porto San Paolo. These run at 3:30 / 4:30 / 5:30 and 6:30 pm


Meeting time: 6:45 am
Meeting Location: Porto San Paolo
Reaching the summit at Punta Cannone: 10:30 am approx
End of the trekking: 2:00 pm approx
Back to Porto San Paolo: you can take any of the boats from Tavolara (3:30 / 4:30 / 5:30 / 6:30)

Difficulty: Easy
Approach: 3 hour
Ferrata: 30 min
Return: 2 hour
Total Length: 7 km
Vertical Gain: 600 m
Highest climb: 12 m

How difficult is the trekkiing to Tavolara?

This trek is fairly hard. Starting from sea-level we will walk to the very top of the island at 567 metres above sea level. It includes walking on a very steep and uneven path and scrambling, where we will need the help of a fixed rope to progress.

The final part of the trek includes a short Via Ferrata, this is not hard but participants should be confident walking on narrow ledges and climbing up the rock.

Is this the "Via Ferrata degli Angeli" ?

No, this is not the Via Ferrata degli Angeli. Our tour follows the easiest trekking to Punta Cannone. The Via Ferrata degli Angeli is very hard and it is unthinkable leading groups, especially in the summer as it faces south and has no shade at all.

What do I need?

Please wear boots or trainers and comfortable clothes for a 4 hours trek (including return). We recommend a soft-shell jacket as it is often windy on top.

Have 2 litres of water, some food to eat at the top, sunscreen lotion and a hat.