Two new, easy and really long multi-pitches

The new multi-pitches, opened by Corrado Pibiri, Vincenzo Carcangiu and Fabio Erriu are located inside the Gorroppu gorge, 10 minutes walk away after the legendary crag hosting the ultra-hard Hotel Supramonte.

Lughe ‘e vida mia

Lenght: 475 m (10 pitches, max pitch lenght: 50m) Entirely spitted Quickdraws needed: 11 Max difficulty: one brief 6a

Los Compadres

Lenght: 335 m (7 pitches, max pitch lenght: 50m) Entirely spitted Max difficulty: 5c+Photo by Sara Oviglia

How to get there

There are two ways to reach the base of the problems, where, as usual, the simplest is also the longest. The first and recommended way to get there is to park the car by the bridge Sa Barva (Dorgali), and walk the 1 hour long path along the river Flumineddu to the entrance of the gorge. The base of the new multi-pitch is on the north-side of the gorge, or your right-hand side while waking into the gorge, a 10 mins walk away from Hotel Supramonte.The other, and shorter, way to get there is to park by Sedda ar Baccas and keep walking to the gorge bed. After passing the first pool with the help of a fix steel rope, and before the second pool, walk upwards on your left to reach a breach on the rock. With the help of another steel rope get to the other side and walk down to find Los compadres first and soon after Lughe ‘e vida mia. Download and print the image to find the base. Click the names of the problems above to view and download the maps.It is possible to descend by rappelling, but the openers advise to walk back, much easier!WARNING: the multi-pitches face south, watch out for the scorching sun, not a summer climb!!!1039