Via Ferrata Badde Pentumas

The Via Ferrata di Badde Pentumas develops on a high vertical crag of a deep canyon in the heart of Sardinia. It lays on a mountain region with no main roads, immersed on a wild and atmospheric landscape.

Time slows down while into the canyon of Pentumas. Likewise, the Via Ferrata links back to the ancestral eras when water created this fascinating landscape.  The only audible sounds when climbing up the narrow ledges are bird songs and the wind whooshing by the trees, no explanation needed.

The path to reach the start of the Via Ferrata Pentumas requires about 1-hour walk. We will enter the canyon Badde Pentumas from the bottom end and follow the ancient riverbed, walking through a thick oak tree forest. Once we will reach the base of the enormous and vertical wall we will start our ascent walking on the characteristic diagonal ledges that the river formed millions of years ago.

After completing the Via Ferrata we can choose whether to abseil back to the base or take a nice and wild path back to our car (1-hour walk).



Difficulty: Easy
Approach: 1 hour
Ferrata: 90 min
Return: 1 hour
Total Length: 4 km
Vertical Gain: 300 m
Highest climb: 15 m

Meeting time: 10 am
Meeting Location: Spring Su Gologone
Aproach: 1 hour
Via Ferrata:1 h 30 min
Back to Su Gologone: 4 pm approx