Warning for climbing in Cala Spinosa

Although fascinating and magic, Cala Spinosa has become a bit of a rusty can in the desert… This is a warning message to those who may want to explore it and climb on one of the few bolted granite sea crags in Sardinia. The majority of the bolts are in very bad conditions as they were placed about 15 years ago and are directly exposed to sea salt. 

Furthermore, some idiot decided to remove a good number of good bolts.

Said this, we must confess that Cala Spinosa is one of the most inspiring places in Sardinia. The granite rocks are curved with gently and soft-looking shapes and it turns an average climbing day to a memorable experience. The problems (would) range from 15 to 25 meters of height and are a rare pearl among a multitude of limestone climbs. 

If you are willing to give it a try we would advice to check the anchoring points and try climbing top rope….. 


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N.,Name,Height, Grade
1,Think different,15 m,7b+
2,Fluttuazioni,15 m,6a+
3, Spigolo,15 m, 6c+
4, Bozzolo,15 m, 7a
5, Morpho,20 m, 5c
6, Ehi ciccio!,20 m, 4c
7, Cornetto,20m, 5b
8, Divieto di scalata,20 m, 5c
9,A lo loco,20 m, 5c
10, Corvo rosso,15 m, 6b
11,No name,15 m, 6c
12, Pokemon,25 m, 6c
13, Cuore,25 m, 7c
14, Elefantino,25 m, 7b
15, Cirkus Maikus,25 m, 6c+
16, Red Bull,20 m, 6c
17, Red Crack,20 m, 6a+