New Sectors in Samugheo

Samugheo is one of those overlooked climbing locations that lay dormant waiting for the right time to spring to the podium.  Revamped with 2 new sectors: Apoteosi and Tana delle Volpi and rebuilt paths it can now be considered one of the new climbing destination in the Island.

The climbing area in Samugheo was developed by a a few local climbers (Antonio Marino, Simone Sarti, Marco Bussu and Filippo Canu), who started off in 1999 bolting 5 beautiful sectors that still see constant developments. Anyhow, the area did not attract many climbers due to its remote location and its steep paths leading to the crags. Some years ago tough a local shepherd known as Mekkay set off with spade and shears to create decent paths, which brought back interest to Samugheo.

Marco Bussu and Filippo Canu continued the bolting of new sectors, joined by Jose Arneris, Giampaolo Mocci, Maurizio Oviglia. Samugheo currently counts 10 sectors and many virgin crags. 

Samugheo has many potentials and it will probably become more popular when people will get tired of climbing in the usual (and now polished) Cala Gonone and Baunei. In the meanwhile, if you want to climb great routes on quiet and non-polished sectors, aim to Samugheo.

Tana delle Volpi 

1 ,Capre imberbi,5a
2 ,Gatto selvaggio,5c
3 ,Supercorvo,5b
4 ,Sirbone elettrico,6a
5 ,Pasquale Agnello,5b
6 ,Donnole e Uomoli,5c
7 ,Amiche volpi,5a


1,Defendemos l’allegria,6a
2,Day by day,6b
3,Divus Claudius,6b
4,Poker d’Archi,7a/7a+
5,Il lungo il largo e il pacioccone,7b
6,Capitan and crew,7a+
8,Non è mai troppo tardi per sognare,7c
9,Don’t worry be…stemmia,7a+
11,E’ più facile spezzare un atomo che arrivare a fine giornata senza bestemmiare,7b
12,100 giorni all’alba,7a
13,Willy l’orbo,7a+
14,Chester Copperpot,6b
15,L’imperatore Augusto,6b+

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