We are a team of qualified professionals including IFMGA Mountain Guides and Hiking Guides, joined by the love for Sardinian mountains and nature. Thanks to a great knowledge of the territory, the people, and their traditions we welcome you to experience a new type of adventure between mountains and sea.

Through this website, you can book any of our climbing courses, canyoning adventures, Via Ferratas and guided hikes to Sardinia’s best destinations. From the island of Tavolara to the extreme trekking Selvaggio Blu, all our tours are part of our hiking heritage, which we experience firsthand. We spent countless days exploring, testing and improving every itinerary, in order to guarantee an accurate and professional service in constant evolution, free from stings in the tail.

The Climbing Sardinia project was born in 2010, springing out of the intuition of a group of passionate climbers. It quickly developed in the form of a No-Profit association, dedicated to spreading the culture and love for outdoor rock climbing in Sardinia. In 2012 the first climbing courses attracted a large number of participants, and since then the activities spread to include courses for children and the disabled.

In 2022 we moved forward, choosing to go beyond the associative stage and bringing forth a versatile team of professionals. Climbing Sardinia treats mountain passionates of any level with a wide selection of climbing, canyoning and hiking tours.

Our lifelong knowledge of the Sardinian climbing scene, plus thorough research, allowed us to build a massive catalogue of routes, which we published in 2020 on our Digital Guide. It has now become the most complete and simple way to browse climbing possibilities on the whole island. It lists all climbing routes in Sardinia, including sport problems, multi-pitches, boulders and deep-water solo routes too. 

For years we have been busy with securing old and rusty climbing sectors. We began by re-bolting rusty routes with Stainless Steel (316L) but extreme conditions forced us to adopt more stable materials. In 2020 we re-bolted the first climbing sector entirely with Titanium bolts. Biddiriscottai is today the largest climbing sector in Italy with Titanium routes, boasting 45 sport routes and 7 multi-pitches



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Mountain Guide IFMGA - UIAGM


sosta titanio chiodatura sardegna biddiriscottai cala gonone



We invest great part of the income from our climbing courses in buying equipment to re-bolt existing routes. Since 2016 we have managed to purchase about €2000 in equipment each year.

Sea salt, heath and galvanic currents create an oxidation process known as pitting. It can critically weaken the strength of a bolt and it is often hard to predict which one will be the first to crack.

Therefore, we concentrate on sea-side sectors and buy bolts and anchoring points made of 316L Marine graded Stainless Steel. In 2020, for the first time, we have invested all our re-bolting budget in Titanium bolts and hope to repeat the following years.



Each year we spare a part of our incomes, buyuing one young native tree for each person who participates to our trekkings. We buy young trees from the Ente Foreste della Sardegna (Sardinia Forest Authority), who provides great advice on what, where, how and when to plant.

The planting of the new trees takes place at the beginning of the autumn rains. All members, attendees and friends are welcomed to participate in collecting funds and planting. Food and laughter guaranteed!



Regardless of how much we care, all our activities can potentially pollute the environment where we operate. This is why we at Climbing Sardinia have elaborated various solutions to prevent or limit our impact and carbon footprint.

Our largest contribution towards gas pollution comes from the automobiles we use for our transfers. To compensate at least partially for this effect we have worked out a few solutions:

FULL CARS: The more we are sitting in a car, the less we’re polluting! Each empty seat has a chance to increase the number of running engines, this is why we try to fill up our cars and use them as little as possible.

FOOD KM ZERO: The nearest the better! After a day spent climbing, eating becomes an absolute priority. Let’s have a look around and we’ll surely find some hidden gastronomic pearls. Our friends‘ shepherds often offer their products at very affordable prices. What best opportunity to have a taste of some homemade sausages and cheeses, season fruit and vegetables, and sip the best wines of the region?

CAMPING AND LOCAL ACCOMMODATION: We always try to find a place to sleep to be the closest possible to our ethics. We prefer small and family-run B&Bs, trying to support little and emerging businesses.

NO PLASTIC BOTTLES: our advice is to have one reusable water bottle, or a bladder, and refill it before each day of activity. Sardinia has plenty of fresh natural springs and a wonderful nature we try to preserve.

LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE: it is simple: when we are climbing or hiking we must keep our screaming for emergencies only. Climbers often risk disturbing nesting birds and sometimes some even end up bothering big rapacious birds. This is often the case when climbing a north-facing crag. We can and must limit our impact by carefully choosing where to climb, and paying attention to the presence of nests or birds flying nervously over our heads.