Bouldering in Cornus

The small sector Cornus was opened in 2006 by local climber Filippo Canu and has remained a small and unnoticed bouldering sector. Filippo opened a number of boulders and also bolted a higher basal crag, all known under the name of Hotel Cornus. These boulders are located in a fresh wood not far from the see. Being one of the few bouldering sectors in Sardinia to be shaded by a wood makes it very attractive in summer months. Add the the fact that the superb Deep Water Soloing area of S’Archittu is only 5 kilometers away and you get the perfect summer bouldering plan! Bouldering on basalt in the morning and DWS in the afternoon (or vice-versa), I couldn’t ask for more!

Just to add to what was already good, Tore Vacca has equipped in 2013 a new sport sector, increasing the existing number of bolted routes. The problems are very short, we’re talking of 8 to 14 meters, but difficulties range mostly between the high 5 and low 6 grades.

This sectors are located on a PRIVATE LAND. The owner allows local climbers to access the areas. If visiting pay attention not to leave any garbage or disturb cattle or other animals.

Download the Guide of Boulders in Corrus


List of Boulders in Hotel Cornus

N. Name Grade
1 Bells Beach 4b
2 Dreaming Australia 5b
3 Byron Bay 5c
4 Woodstock 6a
5 Loolapaloosa 4a
6 Su Topi Sprattu 4a
7 One Direction 5a
8 Non dire gatto se non… 6c
9 Bomboclat 5a
10 Before the Rain 6c
11 Hoppipolla 6a
12 Sirbon Attack 4c
13 Rio 5a
14 Is Not Always Pasquetta 6b
15 Shashemane 6b
16 Pistillonkarma 6c
17 Babilon Burn 6a
18 Chall Chaya 6c
19 Naruto 5a
20 Gipsy King 6a
21 Blue Lion 5c
22 Petting with a Goat 6b
23 Sa Udda Spratta 6a
24 No hands ?
25 Hoptimistic
26 No surf here Proj