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Sardinia is one of the best climbing locations in Europe. It has such a multitude of crags and climbing problems to allow climbing in any season. The mild temperature in the winter season makes Sardinia a great destination to escape the bad weather and enjoy climbing in the sun.

Sardinia is currently bolted with over 5500 sport routes and almost 1000 multipitches. This is the cumulative work of international top climbers and local passionate joining forces and experience to create and maintain climbing problems of all grades.

As in many other Mediterranean islands the rock formation varies from limestone to granite and basalt. The majority of sport routes are bolted on solid limestone, leaving the granite unspoiled for classical trad climbing. From vertical slabs to overhanging tufas and from multipitches to trad climbing Sardina is a colossal playground for climbers, offering all sorts of possibilities.

Climbing Routes

Multi-pitch Routes

How do we know these numbers? You wont believe it but we have mapped out the whole of Sardinia climbing routes!

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We love climbing so much that we’d want everyone to try it. In all its varieties rock climbing is an immersive sport that leads to beautiful places and can radically change our lifestyle. Moreover, to start climbing one doesn’t have to be an athlete. Anyone can approach rock climbing at any age as the hardest test is to overcome one’s fear.

We do climbing courses for kids, adults, mentally challenged and blind people too.

Rock climbing courses teach a large variety of skills, where climbing a vertical wall isn’t but the surface. Climbers must develop both physical and mental abilities, refining body perception, barycentre control and mental balance in order not to let fear blind their moves. There are moments when a climber needs full concentration to study the next tiny steps that are necessary not to fall. This concentration leads to a deep internal silence, which can be found only during meditation sessions.

The agenda on our outdoor climbing courses include all the various aspects linked to becoming an independent and responsible rock climber. Starting from learning how to use safety devices and controlling our body position we will move up to advanced manoeuvres and emergency techniques.

It may sound like a complicated sport but we guarantee it is accessible to anyone!


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