Climb the best crags in Sardinia with an IFMGA mountain guide

The mountains of Sardinia host some of the most fascinating and panoramic multi-pitch routes in Europe. The Supramonte massif is renowned for its massive vertical walls, for the harshness of its terrain and vegetation, and for the total absence of human settlements. Climbers and hikers know this terrain and love to be challenged in trying to cross it or finding the little gems hidden within its deep canyons. The Canyon di Gorropu is home to the hardest multi-pitch routes in Europe, where top climbers test themselves on severe routes such as “Hotel Supramonte”.

Apart from these extreme walls, there is a large number of well known and more accessible multi-pitch routes, such as the Needle of Cala Goloritzè. Nine multi-pitch routes climb the west side of the Needle, to reach a tiny summit and admire the coast and the crystal clear Sardinian sea. Although more accessible than Gorropu, the easiest route on the Needle has a 6b pitch with some very polished holds. For many but not for all…

More accessible multi-pitch climbs are bolted in Cala Gonone, with 15 routes by the sea and just as many overlooking the town. The average difficulty in Cala Gonone is about 6a+ and the walls are as high as 100 meters by the sea and 160 meters inland. Starting in 2020, Climbing Sardinia has started a massive campaign, re-bolting in titanium 5 multi-pitch routes and nearly 50 sport routes.

Nearby Cala Gonone we can find Mount Oddeu, and the Surtana Valley. The latest is a narrow valley equipped with over 60 easy multi-pitch routes, with an average max difficulty of 5c and up to 180 meters of height. Mount Oddeu has “only 25 routes”, with an average grade of 6b+ and a top height of over 200 meters.

The north end of the Supramonte massif is home to a bunch of easy to medium alpine-style routes. Among the most famous walls, there’s is  Punta Cusidore, with almost 30 multi-pitch as high as 700 meters. Along the same wall, moving eastward, the Bruncu Nieddu is cut through by large cracks, dihedrons and spurs, hosting 20 multi-pitch routes with an average length of 300 meters.

Cala Gonone € 349

  • Altezza max 100 metri
  • Difficoltà min 6a
  • Difficoltà max 6c
  • Esposizione EST

Cala Goloritzè € 399

  • Altezza max 190 metri
  • Difficoltà min 6b
  • Difficoltà max 7a
  • Esposizione OVEST

Punta Cusidore € 549

  • Altezza max 700 metri
  • Difficoltà min 5a
  • Difficoltà max 6c
  • Esposizione NORD / OVEST
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Rock Climbing on Multi-Pitch routes



Choose your crag, select the day you would like to climb it and press book it now. On the next page, you will fill in a form with your details and proceed to the payment.


You shall settle the remaining payment on the day of the activity, directly to our guide.


  • Fully certified Mountain Guide IFMGA – UIAGM
  • Transfer from the meeting point to the crag (if necessary)

  • Transport from your accommodation to the meeting point
  • Food and beverages
What's the best time to climb a multipitch in Sardinia?

Autumn, Spring and Winter are the best seasons as they have the perfect temperatures to climb most of the multi-pitch routes in Sardinia. 

There are of course some mountains that can be climbed only in the summer, but the vast majority are best to be climbed when temperatures are not higher than 25° C. 

April to June and September to November are surely the best time ranges for climbing multi-pitches in Sardinia.

Is it possible to climb during the summer?

Yes, of course! You just need to know which crags are on shade and when ?

Our guides know where to climb even during the hottest summer days, allowing you to enjoy climbing on a shady wall. As mentioned above, many routes won’t be available as many crags are exposed to the south. Anyhow, many other crags will be in shade either in the morning or in the afternoon. 

At what time do I have to meet the guide?

The starting time varies accordingly to which route you may decide to climb. 

If you’d like to climb the multi-pitch routes in Cala Gonone (exposed to the EAST), it will be necessary to wait until the shade arrives in the afternoon. 

If you choose to climb a multi-pitcth at Surtana or at the Bruncu Nieddu, it will be fundamental to meet up at sunrise, so to be finished before the sun hits the wall at noon. 


How many people can participate?

Each guide can look after 2 people max. 

We do not form groups, each booking is for a guide in exclusive. 

Which skills do I need?

You don’t need to have much experience in multi-pitch climbing, but it is fundamental that you are confident in climbing at least 5c on top-rope

You should also be confident in belaying a leading climber using an ATC device and possibly also abseiling on a double-rope

What should I have?

It is enough to have your climbing shoes. Our guide will have all the necessary equipment. If you already own a harness and a helmet you can use them, as long as they are type-tested and in a good shape. 

Please bring some food (sandwich, fruit, nuts, energy bars or similar) and 2 litres of water

What happens in case of bad weather?

In case of bad weather, our guide will try to find an alternative destination. Sometimes it rains in Cala Gonone while it’s sunny in Baunei…

Depending on your and the guide’s schedule, we may also try to anticipate or postpone your climbing day. 

In case it’s not possible to move the date or to find an alternative destination, we shall keep your deposit as a voucher for a future booking. This must be spent within 12 months from your initial booking date.