Cuba – the new sector in Quirra

Maurizio Oviglia, helped by Simone Sarti and Fabio Erriu, has equipped CUBA, a new climbing sector in Quirra close to the existing Passaggio per Chitur. The new crag, filled with easy routes for  beginners, was mostly funded by a boludering competition organized by the V10 Boulderzone gym in Cagliari. 

Just like the other sectors in Quirra, Cuba is exposed south, making it a perfect winter climbing destination. 

1, Pueblo Oprimido, 3c
2, Havana, 4a
3, Bolivar, 5a
4, Fidel, 5c
5, Cuba Libre, 6a
6, Compay Segundo, 6a
7, Che Guevara, 6b+
8, Buena Vista, 6c+
9, Buena Vista Social Club, 7b+
10, Social Club, 7c
11, Hemingway, 8a
12, Guantanamera, 7c?
13, Evaneos, 5b
14, Guayabera, 5a
15, Sierra Madre, 6b+
16, Omar Sosa, 6c+
17, Cohiba, 5b
18, Tres Pesos, 5c