Diedrolandia: the SUMMER sector

Stefano Barra and Igor Grigorieff have equipped the north face of Monte Tuttavista with a new summer sector. It includes various sport routes and a few multi-pitches.

The enormous crag is made of white and grey limestone and divided in three main sectors. On the far end is Frigo, the easiest sector, the central and highest area is bolted with 4 multi-pitches, while the first section has only a few problems and a promising slab still to be developed.

The Sport Routes – Frigo Sector

Route n.NameGradeLenght
2Sistema B86B32M
3C’est Plus Facile5B32M
5Il Waltzer delle Maniglie6A30M
7Scenic Road6A+30M
9Vito Catozzo6B+32M
10Fam Axì Belo!6A+32M
12Porto Sosàlinos6B+35M
13Cuba Libre6B+35M
14Occhio alla Pinna6C35M

The Sport Routes – Middle sector

Namelenghtgradebolted by
The snatch30m8aAlessandro Gogna
Tirosina35m7aStefano Barra
Osvalda35m7a+Igori Grigorieff
Il Gran Mogol35m7c+Potrella
Roger35m6a+Stefano Barra
Ginger35m6bAlessandro Gogna




From Galtellí follow directions towards “Monte Tuttavista”. After passing the town cemetery take the first road on the left. After 2 km the narrow road changes from tarmac to dirt, keep on driving and park at the very end of the road. Take a foot path starting at the left of the gate, and walk 15/20 minutes to the crag.

Diedrolandia, settore frigo, Galtelli

The Multipitches

Various climbers have bolted multi-pitches at Conca Niedda. Starting with the usual Maurizio Oviglia and Giampaolo Mocci (who started bolting 5 multi-pitches in 2007 but never terminated their work due to funds cuts by Galtelli borough), our champion Pietro dal Pra’, Alessandro Gogna and finally the duo Grigorieff and Barra.

No.NameHeightPitchesGradesBolted by
1Pro Joint80m26b+ 6a+Stefano Barra & Igori Grigorieff
2Libertango180m66b 6a+ 5c 6a 6a 6a+Maurizio Oviglia & G Mocci
3Bocche Cucite170m56b 6c 6a+ 6b 6bMaurizio Oviglia & G Mocci
4Didiii180m46c 6b+ 6b+ 6c+  Pietro Dal Prà
5Scassavento di Cabbasisi170m37a 6c 7a+Alessandro Gogna(use FRIENDS BD up to n.2 and slings)
621/12/2012140m47b 7a+ 6c+ 7b+Pietro Dal Prà & Stefano Barra
7Xperia Compact80m26b 6b+Stefano Barra & Igori Grigorieff
8Maluentu80m26b 6a+Stefano Barra & Igori Grigorieff
AgraziabaTo be completed (summer 2016)Barra & Grigorieff

Diedrolandia, multipitches