New routes, just Everywhere !!

Was there a bolt or anchoring points sale recently? Did we miss it??

It seems that a horde of climbers have gone crazy to bolt a number of new problems across the whole island. I’m not complaining of course! It is just so great I cannot believe it 🙂 And now back to the crags to send all these immaculate problems before chalk marks will ruin the pleasure of an on-sight.



Giorgio Puxeddu, Roberto Murgia have opened more than 30 new problems on the sector ‘Rifugio della Stria’. Easy problems created especially for beginners, with shortened and generous bolting.


Simone Sarti has opened various new problems in ‘Conca Manna’: ‘Carpe Diem’ (6a+) and ‘A denti Stretti’ (6c). At the left edge of the crag he has also bolted two new projects:  “Jump” and “Inverno”.

Cala Gonone

Mario Ogliengo has opened a new multi-pitch on the crag facing El Chorro

  • Little Sausage – P1 30 m 6a+;   P2 20 m 6b;    P3 30 m 6a.

He has also opened various new problems in ‘El Chorro’ (from left to right):
Matias – 20 m 6b
Loca Morena – 20 m 6c+
Dieci giorni un’ estate – 25 m 7a+
Cyborg Space Plus – 25 m 7a
Tre Uomini in Fuga – 35 m 6c+
Le Tre Perle dell’ Est – 25 m 6b/c
Ciuhui – 20 m 6b
Petit Luis – P1 20 m 6b; P2 15 m 5c
Grand hotel Badia – 18 m 6c
Le cinque Rughe – 18 m 6c
Cabron Valiente – 18 m 6b


Maurizio Oviglia has bolted up a new problem between the famous Trompe d’Oeil and Fruit Joy. The new route is called Clin D’Oeil and is a 7a. The neighbouring routes have also been reshaped with new anchors and belay points.


During the last meeting Maurizio Oviglia, A. Loriga and S. Ribichesu have opened a few new problems: ‘L’amaro svedese’ (still to be opened, supposed 7a/7b), ‘Sarde in saor’ 6c, and ‘Guarda e passa’. The meeting guest, Rolando Larcher has climbed the lattest with apparent no effort, but jumped off before touching the chain, offering the possibility to locals to open it. Grade presumed 7b+.

Surtana (Dorgali)

Bruno Vitale and Paolo Biocca sent a new Trad multi-pitch ranging between IV+ and V+

  • Sa Sedda e Sos Carros: 110 + 30 m.

All belay points for rappelling have been created and each pitch has been equipped with one anchor only. Use small and medium knots and friends.