S'Istrada Longa


S’Istrada Longa

S’Istrada Longa: Deep Canyons, Rocky Peaks, and Arduous Coastal Access

Visiting Baunei without walking S’Istrada Longa is almost sacrilegious. This route reveals the life of these mountains and their inhabitants, where silence, voices, shapes, and scents merge into the essence of nature.

The itinerary of S’Istrada Longa was created by shepherds who used it to migrate their goats from the seaside lands to the higher summer pastures. Their paths’ will guide us through woody canyons to the vast arch of S’Arcada Manna. Beyond, a narrow, exposed ledge at 100 meters high, lined with young junipers, offers breathtaking views.

S’Istrada Longa features deep canyons, massive crags, and amazing views over coastal cliffs. Century-old oaks and yew trees frame vibrant peony, foxglove, and helichrysum blooms. Above, golden eagles and kestrels soar, while hawks dive swiftly for prey.

Walking this narrow passage feels like crossing a Tibetan bridge, providing adrenaline rushes and spectacular canyon views.

Important Note

S’Istrada Longa is renowned for its long, exposed ledge halfway up a high vertical cliff. The ledge narrows to 40 cm, requiring participants to use their hands for balance.

Participants mustn’t suffer from anxiety, vertigo, acrophobia, or agoraphobia.

Meeting up and reaching S’istrada Longa

We will meet in Baunei, at Piazza Indipendenza, and from there we will go together to the starting point of the S’Istrada Longa trail. After leaving the SS 125, we will travel 7.5 km on a dirt road leading to the Supramonte peaks. The road is not particularly rough, but it is still a dirt road. To reach the starting point, a suitable vehicle with decent ground clearance is necessary.

Route Details

  • Route Length: 8.6 km
  • Walking Time: 6 hours
  • Total Duration: 8 hours
  • Elevation Gain: 700 m
  • Meeting Point: Piazza Indipendenza, Baunei
  • Starting Point: Genna Arrivai (15 km on paved road and 7.5 km on dirt road)
  • Difficulty: Suitable for experienced hikers with a sure foot, absolute absence of acrophobia/vertigo is essential
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S’Istrada Longa


At the time of booking, we ask for a deposit of €49. The remaining amount can be paid to the guide on the day of the activity.


  • Maximum: 6 people


  • Expert guide

Not Included

  • Transfer to reach S’Istrada Longa
  • Food and water
Is S'Istrada Longa dangerous?
The narrowest passages on the exposed ledge of S’Istrada Longa are not wider than 2 feet. An accidental fall from the ledge could be fatal.

Said this, we obviously try to reduce risks by walking very slowly and concentrating on our steps.

The rest of the path is very uneven and rocky, as well as any other path in the mountains of Supramonte. The most common accident is twisting an ankle.

How difficult is the hike to S'Istrada Longa?
The hike to descend the canyon and cross the ledge S’Istrada Longa is fairly tiring but suitable for anyone in good physical shape.

It is fundamental not to suffer vertigo and be able to sustain fatigue.

What do I need?
Please wear mountain boots (or approach shoes) and comfortable clothing suited to the season.

Have a backpack and bring 2 litres of water per person and a packed lunch to eat during the hike.

We also advise having a light jacket in case of cold winds. Sun cream and a hat is ideal even during the spring and autumn.

What do I need?