Ulassai Bolting Week 2017

From 13 to 20 November 2017

Just like last year, the guys at Nannai Climbing Home have organized a bolting party in Ulassai to bolt a brand new winter sector in what has become the main climbing destination in Sardinia.

The new sector is a gigantic wall (70 meters high) exposed to south-west: the perfect location for new winter climbs. Difficulties may range from 6a to incredible hard projects, it just takes balls to climb them!

If you are interested in bolting a few new routes please get in touch with our friends at Nannai Climbing Home. The house provides

  • Free accommodation
  • A large bag of glue-in bolts
  • Glue
  • Beer 🙂

What you need

It would be beneficial if you have:

  • experience in bolting
  • a percussion drill
  • an old rope
  • stuff to break unstable rocks (hammer, crowbar etc.)
  • equipment to ascend/descend fixed ropes

Come out and play! The Party is Guaranteed