Let’s all praise Louis Piguet

You may know who Louis Piguet is, but you have all the rights not to know who he is or why should he be praised at all. In effect he doesn’t really like the showbiz. Louis is one of those people who like to make this world better (the climbing world at least) and keep on working under the radar to allow others to have a great time.

Louis is a Swiss Alpine Guide and representative of Mammut. During the last 13 years he has spent lots of his time climbing in Sardinia and decided one day to employ his skills (and money) to bolt and re-bolt a great number of multi-pitches and sport routes all around Sardinia. He has equipped many multipitches and sport sectors, including Sardi nel Cuore, the new sector he opened in front of El Chorro in Cala Gonone.

Amongst the famous crags he has restyled there are the very popular Margheddie, La Poltrona, and also Su Gurruthone, Punta Pilocca and Pranu Sartu. He has replaced oxidized bolts and worn out belay stations using ‘marine-suitable’ stainless steel. Louis used primarily Raumer bolts with Hilti HIT RE 500 resin. The belay points he used are all “marine-suitable” steel Raumer chains and he also added a third bolt to each belay, so as to connect all anchors and provide safer abseils.

In 2015 and 2016 Louis has returned to Sardinia and with the help of Bruno Fonnesu, Andrea Puddu and Piero Fancello re-bolted a long series of problems. Below we have a long list of all of what he has done. The work is not finished though as he plans to return to Cala Gonone and replace all the anchoring points in Cala Luna, Millennium, Bidiriscottai and Cala Fuili.

Of course there are also many other climbers dedicating their time and money to re-bolting frequented routes. Just to mention a few: Maurizio Oviglia, Gianluca Piras, Corrado Pibiri, Giampaolo Mocci and Bruno Fonnesu What they do is immensely appreciated and if anyone wants to get in touch to offer help do not hesitate to contact us, Luis or Maurizio.

These are some of the belay points Louis removed from routes in Cala Fuili, one of the most frequented crags in Cala Gonone. As you can see the old steel carabiner have a gutter unbelievably deep and sharp. Make sure you report to us if you see anything like this in Sardinia.


CityLocationProblemRe-bolted inNotes
BugerruPranu SartuPlus loin sera la mer2015Bolts and Belay
BugerruPranu SartuCanto del sifone2015Bolts and Belay
BugerruPranu SartuPista ciclabile2015Bolts and Belay
BugerruPranu SartuThalassa2015Bolts and Belay
BugerruPranu SartuRiflessi magici2015Bolts and Belay
BugerruPranu SartuSignora delle cappelle2015Bolts and Belay
BugerruPranu SartuLitri e litri di vino cattivo2015Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeIl BudinettoBiddoi (Salvatore de l’ovile)2014Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeIl BudinettoStockhorn Sport2016Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeIl BudinettoIl Soriso di Sascha2016Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeIl BudinettoCome à Chamonix (right of Geco in Calore)2016Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeIl BudinettoCon vista sul mare (right of Senza Nome)2014Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeCala Fuili Spiaggia EstALL ROUTES2016ALL BELAY POINTS
Cala GononeCala Fuili Spiaggia EstManga2016Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeCala Fuili Spiaggia EstZia Lillith2016Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeCala Fuili Spiaggia EstSpigolo Fuili2016Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeCala Fuili Spiaggia EstPorto io i nuts2016Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeCala Fuili Spiaggia OvestALL ROUTES2016ALL BELAY POINTS
Cala GononeCala Fuili Spiaggia OvestE’ pericoloso sporgers2015Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeCala Fuili Spiaggia OvestL’écume des flots2015Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeCala Fuili Spiaggia OvestWolof2015Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeCala Fuili Spiaggia OvestKho Phi Phi2015Belay Point
Cala GononeBetit BeatauNesquik2016Belay Point
Cala GononeMonte BonacoaALL ROUTES2016ALL BELAY POINTS
Cala GononeLa PoltronaCacao Meravigliao2011Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeLa PoltronaSN right of Cacao Meravigliao2011Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeLa PoltronaCarota Impossibile2011Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeLa PoltronaVia dei Tedeschi2011Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeLa PoltronaSucchiandiamo2011Bolts and Belay (2 pitches)
Cala GononeLa PoltronaSinofila (2nd P)2012Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeLa PoltronaBanzaï2012Belay point
Cala GononeLa PoltronaL’eremita2012Belay point
Cala GononeLa PoltronaDiretta al Mallos2012Belay point
Cala GononeLa PoltronaI Wanna hold your hand2012Belay point
Cala GononeLa PoltronaCiao Alex2012Belay point
Cala GononeLa PoltronaStorie Appese2012Belay point
Cala GononeLa PoltronaPorceddu Elettronico2012Belay point
Cala GononeMargheddieNinna Nanna2016Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeMargheddieNomadi2016Bolts and Belay
Cala GononeMargheddieLa Prima Volta2009Bolts and Belay
IglesiasPunta PiloccaSamsara2009Belay point
IglesiasPunta PiloccaLa Donna Blu2009Belay Point
OlienaSu GurruthoneBuon divertimento2012Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneO2M2012Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneMandragola2012Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneLeopard2012Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneBonsaï2012Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneBella2015Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneLuna2016Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneMon Amour2016Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneLakana2012Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneSieste en mai2009Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneTerre Brune2010Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneMamuthones2010Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu Gurruthone11 de capidanne2010Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneSa Chicchera2016Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneMaria2016Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneCiao Ciao Sardegna20132 Pitches Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneScirocco20092 Pitches Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneLa Roncola20132 Pitches Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneBiuda2013Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneEra un’ piacere2013Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneL’Ami René2011Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneQua2009Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneQuo2009Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneQui2009Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneMaestro Piero2010Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneManuela2016Bolts and Belay
OlienaSu GurruthoneLa Mano e’ stanca2010Bolts and Belay