WOW – new Multi-Pitch in Buggerru

Davide Lagomarsino and Alviero Garau recently equipped “WOW”, a new multi-pitch in the canyon of San Nicolò in Buggerru. It has 5 pitches with average difficulty 5c, with occasional passages of 6a and 6a+.The route is located on the left of the canyon, just next to the sport climbing sector La Torre. The name is written at the base of the first pitch. All belay points were equipped with abseiling rings.
  • 1st Pitch: 5c, 37m high, 8 spits
  • 2nd Pitch: 6a, 39m high, 9 spits
  • 3rd pitch: 5c, 38m, 8 spits
  • 4th Pitch: 5c, 20m, 4 spits
  • 5th Pitch: 6a+, 25m, 6 spits
Possible difficulty: S2, 6a+ maxHeight: 170 mBOLTS: 10mm stainless steel. Some bolts are distant up to 5 meters. It could be integrated with a series of small friends: BD n° 0.3 /0.4 /0.5/0.75.ROCK: very good.EQUIPMENT: 2 x 60 meters half ropes or 1 x 80 meters single rope. 10 Quickdraws. Friends BD n° 0.3 /0.4 /0.5/0.75.WAY BACK: From the top abseil the last (25 m) and penultimate (20m) pitches separately. At the top of the third pitch throw the rope(s) inside the rill to your right (40m). Descend the rill down to the limit and arm your fourth and last abseil (25 m) that will take you close to the starting point.